About us

Owner, Leslie Curran, has been riding horses since 1995 and in 2008 her business VOLTE EQUESTRIAN was formed! She puts her heart and soul into every horse, pony, and student she works with!

Over the years Leslie has gained experience in educating off the track thoroughbreds, developing talented horses, ponies AND riders in dressage, eventing and hunter/jumper, and has extensive knowledge in behavioural training with misunderstood equines.

Below are some reference letters from VOLTE EQUESTRIAN past and present clients!

  "My daughter, Grace, and I are writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Leslie Curran. Leslie taught Grace how to horseback ride and coached her for two years. Due to Leslie's move to a barn near Owen Sound it was no longer possible for her to work with Grace.

Grace had never ridden a horse when she began lessons with Leslie. Leslie made Grace feel comfortable with being around horses right away. She learned all aspects of caring for a horse, from brushing them to saddling them. She learned to respect the horses and safety was always a priority.

Grace's lessons moved from simple walking and trotting to a higher level of riding. She learned how to canter and jump. Leslie made Grace feel comfortable at all times but also challenged her to push herself to try new things when she was ready.

Leslie created a wonderful riding experience for Grace and Grace's confidence blossomed. Grace loved working with Leslie and often would spend the day at the barn helping Leslie with chores. They were quite a team. Leslie's fun but firm manner was exactly the right level for Grace to learn. Grace would be bubbling with excitement every time I picked her up at the end of a lesson, telling me all about the lesson, the horses, and the amazing time she had had with Leslie.

I would recommend Leslie to anyone looking for a teacher for their son or daughter. She has a natural teaching style that adapts to the student's needs and her passion for horses is evident in the respect and care she teaches her students to have for them and around them."

Pam J. (mother of student Grace L.)

"I highly recommend Leslie Curran as a riding instructor. I have been riding for six years and Leslie has instructed me on numerous occasions from 2009–2012. Leslie has an excellent rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her ability to connect with me and her talent for teaching both simple and more advanced concepts are really great! She has excellent communication skills, is extremely reliable and very helpful. I love Leslie's style of teaching as she is very encouraging and able to make riding lessons fun, while effectively teaching a variety of skills. She accomplishes these tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude. At all times I have found her to be extremely dependable and hard-working. She is great with horses and her experience in the field is very evident. She is also very flexible and willing to try many different approaches. Leslie was quick to volunteer to assist in other areas as well.

Leslie is my instructor and has my highest recommendation."

Sarah D.

"I have had the pleasure of being coached by Leslie many times. I could never pass up a lesson with her! She always ensured that her lessons are safe, fun and beneficial. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she always has a great attitude. I especially enjoyed the way she constantly pushed us, and always built up our confidence. I always felt like she was very one on one with you, and very honest even when in a group lesson. All those lessons where my legs were aching the next morning, were well worth it. Not only does Leslie work well with the clients, but also the horses. I admire the passion she has for riding and horses in general, and all the funny stories from her experiences with them that seem to make everyone smile. There are so many great memories with Leslie. I am so glad to see Volte Equestrian growing, and I hope that all new students appreciate Leslie as much as I do. She’s a great friend and coach."

Erin G.

"During my time riding under the coaching of Ms. Leslie Curran, I found her knowledge and teaching style to be quite thorough.

 found her tactics and concepts to be both helpful and refreshing in regards to riding techniques. She always emitted a friendly and fun personality while maintaining a balance of pleasure and professionalism. While being taught by Ms. Curran, I found myself learning a lot and were able to put those techniques and styles into great use.

Ms. Curran’s experience and knowledge of horses created an environment that made it easy to learn. Her eagerness around the barn and inside the riding ring was both innovative and favorable. She always strived for her best and placed that energy upon her students, creating confidence to try new things. Ms. Curran puts a lot of heart and effort into her teaching and one could definitely tell she loves what she is doing. Having a teacher that has that kind of passion towards their profession makes it a more fun environment to learn and do one’s best.

In closing, I would definitely recommend Ms. Leslie Curran to any student of any age that wishes to have a fun, educated and experienced riding coach."

Kirstie D.